What people have to say about Dr. Neil Orkin…

Thank you so much for being a guest speaker for my “Managing the Global Workforce” class as part of the International MBA program at Arcadia University. Your presentation, “Developing Global Teams,” was right on target. I received very positive feedback from the students. They loved your stories and the real-world examples you used to increase their awareness of how to best form strong global teams and deal with cross-cultural business challenges. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to enhance the students’ learning. I do hope you will agree to reprise your presentation for my future classes.

Karen Lawson, Ph.D., CSP
Author of 12 bestselling books including, “The Art of Influencing”, and “Involving Your Audience: Making It Active”

Your keynote presentation, “Doing Business Globally” for MPI-NJ was very enjoyable and informative. You gave us the tools that we can use to succeed in global business. As the publisher of “The NJ Meeting Planning Guide”: it is clear to me how important these skills are for all business professionals, especially those in the meetings industry. Over the years I have listened to many speakers, your’s was exceptional and to the point. It was perfect for our Meeting Professionals (NJ) Organization.

Gordon S. Reinhauer, President and Publisher
NJ Meeting Planning Guide

Knowing how important it is for an audience to have “walk away value”, you gave many useful tips in your presentation “Doing Business Globally”. The tips showed us both the why and the how in each situation. Your stories and examples were not only entertaining, but demonstrated the importance of why everyone needs to become more global in this day and age. Your professionalism both on stage and off was very important. You were very visible during the reception beforehand and very accessible to the audience after the presentation.

S. Joanne Dennison, CMP, Past President
Meeting Professionals International – New Jersey

I really enjoyed your presentation, “Doing Business Globally”. You provided us with valuable information that was presented in a very entertaining style. The example you gave on learning to do business in a particular country is that you have to immerse yourself in that culture, i.e., watch TV, go to ethnic places, talk to the people. In my work, I often organize global trade shows, and I feel that the information that I learned in your presentation will help me do my job more effectively. I hope to have the opportunity to hear you speak again in the near future.

William J. Nicholas, III, Global Exhibits and Events Manager
National Starch and Chemical Company

We enjoyed your presentation on International Resource Management. You provided my graduate business students with many valuable ideas on how to become successful global managers. The practical tips that you shared with my students will be very helpful to them in their business careers. They really appreciated you sharing your insights with us and look forward to implementing your business solutions. I must admit that you were the most impressive speaker for the entire term. At the end of my course, one student said she could have listened to you the entire evening!

Dr. William G. Stieber, LaSalle University
International Management Consultant & Author of “Thriving on Change in Organizations”

Your “Presentation Skills Coaching Program” was both helpful and effective. After working with you, the professional that you worked with is more confident giving presentations and is a more effective speaker. You gave him the tools needed to communicate effectively in a public speaking / oral presentation forum. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Cathy Trementozzi, Director of Human Resources
Budd Van Lines

Thank you for serving as a keynote speaker in my class on adult learning at The Ohio State University. I appreciate the time you took out of your busy speaking schedule to share your expertise with your presentation, “How do adults learn best: Lessons learned from the real world. Your thoughts were insightful and helped the class think beyond current adult learning models to issues applicable in real-world settings. Your dynamic style of communication kept the audience actively engaged while gaining important knowledge. The passion that you have for this subject area and skills as a speaker made for a very powerful presentation. I know the students and myself benefitted from your participation in the class. We hope that we can schedule you to speak at The Ohio State University in the near future.

Scott D. Scheer, Ph.D.
Professor and State Extension Specialist

The Ohio State University

Thank you for your participation in MPI-NJ Chapter’s monthly educational program. Your topic on “Doing Business Globally” was exactly the right topic to close out our session. The overall value and content of your presentation was well received by those in attendance and general comments were “the speaker was very good and very animated,” “very knowledgeable and informative on his topic.” Many thanks and we hope to have you again in the coming year.

Sherry Russ, Co-Chair, MPI-NJ Chapter, Educational Committee

I want you to know how much I benefitted from the “Communication Skills Coaching Program” that you developed for me. I feel much more confident giving business presentations to both large and small groups. The weekly feedback that you gave me has greatly improved my presentation skills. I will gladly recommend your program to interested professionals who are serious about taking their communications skills to the next level.

Dr. Jeonghan Park, Schering-Plough Research Institute

All reports are in and it appears that the “Global Trade” conference was a grand sucess! We had more than 150 people registered for this conference. This event could not have occurred, let alone succeed, without your invaluable contribution. Evaluations of the conference and your presentation on “Going Global – Things You Need to Know” were uniformly positive, especially noting the advantages of having international business experts and business professionals exchange viewpoints and ideas. Please know that the time, effort and energy you expended for this conference are greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you for making our International Business Conference a grand success.

Tulsi R. Maharjan, Ph.D., Director
Raritan Valley Community College, Center for International Business and Education

I have enjoyed working with you in the “Communication Skills Coaching Program.” The weekly sessions helped me and improved my English writing and communication skills. If in the future an associate were interested in improving their communication skills, I would be happy to refer them to you and your firm.

Martine Heeren, Manager QA Operations
Schering-Plough International

I was fortunate to be in the class taught by Dr. Neil Orkin, who is very well versed in his subject matter. He knows how to energize his students and get them involved and excited about the course material. Dr. Orkin provided us with a list of organizations and web sites to help us develop speaking opportunities. I gained great value from this continuing education course and would like to commend you on such a fine program.

Bruce Freeman, President
ProLine Communications Inc.

Your “Global Executive Coaching Course” on Presentation Skills has been of great benefit to me in my job as Executive Assistant Manager of Operations of the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. I took your course when I was Executive Assistant Manager of Operations of the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I wanted to improve my presentation skills for the weekly staff meetings I ran at the hotel. Your videotaping and analysis of my practice presentations has given me the confidence that I needed. Last year I was transferred to the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. The presentation skills that I learned in your course through your individual coaching has continued to help me in my career at Hyatt Hotel and Resorts. Thanks again for your help.

Abdussellam Bereentto, Executive Assistant Manager of Operations
Hyatt Regency Bellevue

“Stand Out From The Crowd: Creative Marketing Ideas to Build Your Practice” was received very well by our members. We found your presentation to be both informative and entertaining. Everyone appreciated the concrete steps you showed us to have success by using non-traditional approaches to building their practices. The membership will be able to use the information immediately to build their practices. We would be delighted to have you speak again to our membership in the near future.

Sharon M. Guida DC, President
Central Jersey Chiropractic Society

You are a wonderful teacher. As we walked back to the parking lot together, all of us from last night’s session agreed that you delivered much more than we could have anticipated and we’re very grateful for your enthusiasm and good will. You have given me a much better idea of how to market my services. Again, thanks for responding so promptly to my request. I will certainly let others know of your services as I make my rounds.

Maureen Sanders